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TJSH-300 Gantry frame high speed precision press

    Main technical parameters:




    300 Ton

    Stroke of Slide

    80 mm

    60 mm

    50 mm

    40 mm

    30 mm

    20 mm















    2200 X 1100 X 280 mm

    Area of Slide

    2000 X 900 mm

    Slide Adjustment

    50 mm

    Bed Opening

    1600 X 250 mm


    75 HP

    Gross Weight

    58000 Kg

    Adjust Die-Height

    Electric motor depth adjustment

    Plunger No.

    Two Plunger(Two Points)

    Electrical- System

    auto error-det


    Combination & Compact

    Vibration System

     Dynamic Balancer & Air Mamts 




    How to protect the stamping mold of precision punch machine?

    The precision punch industry is becoming more and more popular, but we cannot ignore the maintenance of punch machines and stamping molds. Just like people need to rest, precision stamping molds also need maintenance and care. Today, the editor will talk about how to maintain the stamping molds of precision punch machines.

    In the precision punch design process, the mold strength is better, the mold structure and gaps must be reasonable, and the surface of the stamping mold needs to be carefully processed such as grinding and cutting to increase the life of the mold. During the stamping production process of precision punches, it is necessary to avoid defects such as cracks, knife marks, and collision scars on the surface of the parts during mold operation. The existence of such defect marks will cause stress, become the source of cracking, and cause damage to the stamping mold.

    According to the tonnage size of the precision punch machine, the mold must be suitable for punching and shearing force. During the processing of mold stamping parts, it is necessary to avoid cutting and burning the surface of the parts. Before setting up the mold, check and adjust the gap between the punching and shearing edges of the mold and ensure that the left and right surfaces of the mold are clean. Ensure the flatness of the left and right mounting surfaces of the stamping mold during stamping production. Check the sliding lubrication and other positions of the mold after installation.

    In precision punch stamping production, the relative position and cutting edge of the mold must be lubricated or stamped with oil on time after long-term use. The iron powdery material in the cutting edge of the stamping work must not remain too much. The retained material must be removed immediately and the waste must be removed on time. After the production is completed, the mold must be fully cleaned and inspected to ensure the cleanliness of the mold.

    After the stamping die has been used for a long time, the cutting edge should be ground and the cutting edge should be demagnetized to avoid material clogging caused by magnetism. Check whether the prohibited parts are loose and take recovery measures immediately.

    The tips for maintaining and maintaining the stamping dies of precision punch machines are very simple. If we pay attention to the above reminders, we will not only improve the quality and performance of our stamping dies, but also prolong the service life of the molds.