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Knuckle Type High Speed Precision Press

2024-07-01 15:51:27


The folding arm high-speed precision press is a kind of hardware equipment for metal processing, which has the characteristics of high speed and high precision. It is widely used in fields such as automotive, aerospace and machining. Let’s take a look at the market conditions and parameters of this equipment. Market: With the continuous development of social economy, the requirements for metal processing are getting higher and higher. As an “important tool” in the metal processing industry, the folding arm high-speed precision press is in increasing demand in the market. The device is used in a wide range of applications in automotive, aerospace and machining. According to relevant data, the market size of the folding arm high-speed precision presses in the international market has reached billions of dollars. Folding arm high-speed precision press parameters: 1. Load capacity: The load capacity of the folding arm high-speed precision press is usually 50-500 tons, which can meet the needs of different types of metal processing. 2. Operation speed: The operation speed of the equipment is as high as 150 times/minute, which can efficiently complete complex metal processing processes. 3. Accuracy: The precision of the folding-arm high-speed precision press is as high as 0.01mm, which can ensure that the processed parts are accurate in size. 4. Structural design: The structure of the folding arm high-speed precision press adopts the design of precision slider guidance, which has the advantages of good stability and strong wear resistance. To sum up, the folding arm high-speed precision press has broad application prospects in the field of metal processing. With the continuous advancement of technology and the continuous growth of market demand, the technology and performance of the equipment will also be continuously upgraded and improved.





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