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TJSH Series can make those motors. Depends on the specifications of the iron core and the punching force of the mold.

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Lead Frame

As the chip carrier of semiconductor devices, the lead frame is a key structural component that uses bonding wires (gold wires, copper wires, silicon-aluminum wires, etc.) to electrically connect the internal circuit terminals of the chip to the external circuits to form an electrical circuit. It acts as a bridge to connect external wires. Most semiconductor devices require the use of lead frames. It is an important basic component in the electronic information industry. A typical integrated circuit lead frame is shown in the figure TJSD Series can make those lead frame. Depends on the punching force of the mold.

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    • Electrical connectors are electronic components used to transfer information or energy between two different component interfaces (electricity, electronic machinery, optical communication). They are also called plug-ins, plugs, sockets, slots, etc. It builds a communication bridge between blocked or isolated circuits in the circuit, thereby allowing current to flow and the circuit to achieve its intended function. 
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    • This makes it easy to design electronic components in modular form and connect individual parts into systems and grids. Compared with fixed wires, connectors have greater flexibility. Connectors are indispensable in daily life, especially in the fields of automotive engineering, communications, data systems, entertainment facilities, household appliances and industrial electronic instruments.